Day 12: What Is The Keziah Project?

4 Girl Celebrating

Some of you may be familiar with the story of Job in the Bible. A quick version of the story tells us that Job was a righteous man of God who faced severe trials from Satan, losing everything—including his children. In the end, Job was reminded of God’s goodness and mercy when God restored all that he had, even blessing Job with more sons and daughters. The name of one of his daughters was Keziah. It is our hope at Eyes That See that we can see God restore many daughters to his family through the Keziah Project.

The Keziah House is a home in Ethiopia for women who are trying to exit the sex industry (note that when we say women, we are talking about girls as young as thirteen). These women have been used and abused beyond belief and are in need of someone to care for them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. During this intensive 8-month program, the women live in our home receiving counseling and job training skills so they can have a sustainable source of income. Upon graduation, all of our women have received jobs; more importantly, a majority of the women have come to know Jesus Christ as their Redeemer!

We are so excited that God has allowed us a way to show these women their true worth. The bonds of abuse, sin and shame are broken as these women are restored to the family of God. We want you to experience the joy we know; help us bring change to Ethiopia!