Day 13: Through Matt’s Eyes

10 Smiling Child

Eyes That See has spent the past few years helping young women get out of the life of prostitution. Sometimes this is exhausting work. Sometimes their stories are overwhelming. Sometimes you wish you had been there just months before they entered this dangerous lifestyle.

For the first time, this summer Eyes That See was able to prevent someone from the pain of prostitution. One of the women in the Keziah House has a sister. This sister had found her way all the way to Addis from Tigray. She was on the streets as she realized that her sister was living in the Keziah House. The older sister was safe, but the younger sister, Mimi, had taken her place on the streets.

After crying for her sister and asking the Eyes That See staff for help, Alem invited Mimi into the Keziah House. As an innocent twelve year old, Mimi was able to avoid the calloused life of prostitution and instead learn to live freely among a group of young women who praised God that Mimi didn’t know the pain that they had known.

At the graduation of 26 women, Mimi rejoiced. She sat proudly watching her sister and her friends. She cheered, clapped and smiled. When it was time for pictures, Mimi held the booklets, cell phones, and other possessions of her new friends. Mimi had so much hope in her eyes; I knew this because I watched her. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t resist anymore, and she sat down those possessions as she rushed to celebrate with the other women. She was a twelve year old who was still young; she was still innocent. Our staff stepped in and made sure she remained that way.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that ministry is about people. Sometimes it is easy to forget that people’s needs rarely fit in a box. Alem needed to be rescued from the life of prostitution. Mimi needed to be found before that life ever began. Thankfully, Eyes That See was able to be there for both of them.

This post was from Matt Ness, Director of Eyes That See.