Day 15: Do You See What I See?


Some of you love Christmas. The tree was up on November 1st and all your presents have already been purchased. Some of you do not possess such an exuberant attitude when it comes to the holidays. It’s cold, expensive and crowded everywhere you go. Whatever your position, we want you to consider giving something worthwhile this Christmas season. Our Christmas catalog highlights some things the change you’re collecting will provide for our kids. Medication? $6. A meal and snack every day for a year? $200. Just want to send a student on a field trip where he or she can enjoy being a kid? $3. If you’re tired of getting meaningless gifts for Christmas, maybe ask your family to put 10c Dabo or Keziah House on your wish list.

To view our catalog, click here. If you are interested in giving them out to friends, family, coworkers, or your church, contact us here so we can get those in the mail and out to you by the holiday season. In closing, to all you Christmas-lovers–you’re welcome for the jumpstart! For all you Scrooges–cheer up!