Day 18: An Update from the Armstrongs’ ABF


Our friends James and Brittney Armstrong have started collecting change for Eyes That See with their Adult Bible Fellowship at Highview Baptist Church. At the beginning, the group was challenged to meet a certain goal. Read this short testimony by Brittney about her group:

I got so excited this morning when I walked in to see all your bags of change. I couldn’t help but think of all the good things that will be done with that little pile of coins. Derek and Whitney challenged us this morning to strive to collect $300. This is a lofty goal, we know. However, if we do this then we will have raised enough for our class to sponsor a child. At first my thoughts were….”we have never raised that much before….we won’t even be here next week, so will people forget?…..” Why did I doubt something God laid on their hearts?!?  We collected a whopping $169.30 in ONE WEEK! We are already half way to our goal! Thank you, thank you for joining us as we love on families in Ethiopia. You all are really a special bunch and I am so thankful to be walking through life with you.

Many thanks to the Armstrong’s ABF as they continue to seek God’s will! It is awesome to see God taking our little and making much of it. Do you have a story you’d like to share with us about Month of Change? Or are you just now hearing about us and interested in joining? Contact us here and let us know!