Day 5: Learning to Love Well

44 Bezunesh

Every now and again you run across someone who teaches you something about sacrifice. For me, Bezunesh was that someone.  Bezunesh is not a young lady. It doesn’t take long to notice by the light in her eyes that she has lived her days well. Currently, she serves as a “neighborhood grandma” to about seven children in our program. That is how I met her.

We were passing out uniforms and as each child’s name was called their guardian came forward. This one lady named Bezunesh just stayed in the front.  Seven times she shook my hand, smiled, signed her name and handed the uniform to a child so they could try it on.  Seven times the child skipped away to change into their new clothing.

When I asked about her no one knew too much. She served these kids. They weren’t her grandkids. They had lived on the street, and she had taken them in. Her name was Bezunesh.

In many ways I want to be like Bezunesh. I want to have that kind of courage and commitment. I want to love well. This month is a great time to practice this. As you hear your coins ringing in the jar, think of Bezunesh and her seven little “grandchildren.” They are the ones you are helping today. They are the ones you are investing in.

This post was from our director Matt Ness. Read his own personal blog at All My Dimes.

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