Day 6: 10 Cent What?

32 Matt with Kids 4

For those of you who are new to Eyes That See, you may be wondering,  “What is a dabo? And what does it have to do with Jesus or Ethiopia?” 10¢ Dabo is our feeding center for orphaned and underprivileged children. These children are malnourished, undereducated and often subjected to abuse from family and neighbors. Our responsibility at 10¢ Dabo is to show these children that they matter to Jesus and, consequently, to us.

Dabo is the Amharic word for bread. When we first started the program, it only cost 10 cents for bread for these children. The cost has increased since we’ve begun, but we can now feed a child a full meal and a snack for 60 cents. To care for one child for a month, it’s 25 dollars. This 25 dollars provides each child with a daily meal, clean water, education, clothing, biblical counseling and medical attention. That’s 25 dollars. 100 quarters. 250 dimes. 500 nickels. 2,500 pennies. How many lives can you help change?

If sponsoring a child is something that peaks your interest, visit our website to learn more.