Day 7: Meet Asnake


It was over four months ago that I met Asnake, but the memory is still fresh in my mind.  I knew that we were helping some children with special needs. I had even seen the school where they were attending, but I had not met the exact children we were helping.  That all changed at the doorway to his humble home.

Asnake is a handsome young man.  He’s growing tall, strong, and confident.  Confidence is new to him, but so is the security of knowing where food, clothing, and support would come from.  Eyes That See is honored to be in the life of Asnake’s family.  They freely invite us to visit, laugh, and they share the largest hugs that I have ever received in Ethiopia.

Asnake is one of the seven special needs children that Eyes That See serves.  We have been able to help them get the needed medication, medical attention, schooling, and have even been able to provide clean water for all the students at the school.  Thanks for investing in Asnake and his friends.  They are worth every penny.

posted by Matt Ness, Director of Eyes That See