Day 8: Through Nikki’s Eyes


Sometimes people wonder what made Matt and I want to start Eyes That See. If you watched our video, you learned that before Eyes That See, we had adopted from Ethiopia. When bringing our oldest son Ezra home, we became burdened. “Yes, we are providing him with a better life,” I thought, “but what about all these children we are leaving behind?” I told Matt, “So…I think we should start an orphanage…” So we did! And we were able to watch as God took our little and multiplied it for His glory.

Through that experience, we saw a real need for the children who were aging out of the orphanages. There wasn’t a whole lot of options for them once they hit the age of about 13 or 14. Most ended up back on the streets. We were also noticing that many of the prostitutes in Ethiopia were around the same age; 13, 14 year old girls, with nothing or no one left to turn to, turned towards prostitution as a means of support.

We both really felt burdened by this group of individuals, so out of that burden came our desire to help these children. Our goal with the Keziah House was to rescue those young girls from abuse and a sense of worthlessness and show them new life in Christ. At 10cDabo, we wanted to avoid that path all together. We wanted to bring not just food, clothing and education for these kids–we wanted to bring hope. Hope that they didn’t have to experience the hard road that so many others in that part of the world have had to travel. Hope that they are loved and cherished by an Eternal Father.

When we started Eyes That See, we didn’t have much. We had a vision of what God wanted us to do, and we had a willing heart. Today, we ask you to do the same. What vision does God have for you, and are you willing to let Him take you there?


A post from Nikki Ness, founder of Eyes That See.